We have extensive experience in handling long blocks and designing fully automated cutting lines with side trimmers, Vertical and Horizontal cutting, weighing, labeling and packing. We build custom made solutions for each project.


Block Weight Measurement System

It is used for cooling the electrical panel for locations with high ambient conditions.

Product Transfer System

Determining the weight of cut blocks also works with the barcode system, along with the measurements in the cut prescription. The weight of the cut blocks can be monitored instantly on the digital display. Weighing accuracy ±100 g

Block Transfer Conveyor

Tape System Block Feeding Conveyor

Roll Drive Block Centering Conveyor

Tape System Block Weighing Conveyor

Block Barcode System

Based on data from the ERP system and the HRZ-V2 block cutting machine,
- Firm Information
- Intensity
- Weight
- Color
- Date
Is a system that converts data such as to a barcode.